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As he spoke, he withdrew his long sword from his waist and posed with the tip of his sword pointed directly at Li Yang. He grinned and said, I did not expect to meet such a strong guard here. Even my hands are feeling a little restless. How about this? He said rakishly, I will concede you three moves. If I still win after that, let me through? As he spoke his eyes were transfixed on Tang Muxin, Li Nianwei, and Jiang Qianxue. He tried to decide who was the prettiest but came to the conclusion that all three of them were equally pretty!


“Oh, it’s just a Tower of Trials, that’s not very exaggerating, right?” Hong Dali really wasn’t very concerned with this—speaking of which, he didn’t intend to go so high, he just wanted to stroll around…


Of course! Little Bai Hechou grew really fast. Even his learning ability was exceptionally fast. Hong Dali had not seen him for so long, he had learned most of what he needed to learn. I usually learn martial arts with Big Grandfather. Im really powerful now. I have gotten to chapter eight of the Demon Fantasy Record. I can control mysterious energy now. Big Grandfather said it wont be long before I can absorb dark energy.


Such a familiar scene. Hong Weiguo roared with laughter. Little rascal, youre still taking money from me. Your Dalis Pan-Entertainment Civil Technology Group Corporations monthly income is 1.6 million. If you need money, go get it from Running Dog.


She ran straight into a shop selling womens clothing. Before long, Jiang Qianxue emerged from the shop a completely different person.


“Don’t worry, it doesn’t matter.” Hong Dali grinned and didn’t show any concern. “I am just playing with it for fun. I am a prodigal, after all. I am not relying on this to earn money.”

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Just the area was a few hundred square meters. The hall was as big as the Great Hall of the People on Earth, with an extremely large ring of seats. The seats in front were lower and the seats behind were higher. This was so everyone could see the items easily.


I have a relatively big store on level seventy-one. That is the floor that sells pets. The middle-aged man hung his head down and said abjectly, Frankly speaking, the shop is quite big. Its a pity. Quite a long time ago, about two years, my supplier encountered a Main City-level beast while hunting. He was only a Second-Order Planet Warrior, how could he win? Just like that, he died on that planet.


“Little brother Dali gave me a Heavenly Frost Sword. Hehe, it’s the best weapon from level nineteen, isn’t it powerful?” Yin Tianzong did not detect the hidden meaning in Jiang Qianxue’s words. He continued to be happily absorbed in himself. “My little brother Dali is really powerful. He got past level nineteen without much effort. No wonder your family agreed to take him in as an Honorary Aristocrat.”


Hong Dali had made a very fruitful trip. He opened all the shops and acknowledged a great father. What came next was easy—find out the coordinates of Earth, enter the virtual world to teleport there, and report his well-being to his parents!


Acka was squatting on an alien core that gave ten attribute points to Strength and biting on it. In just this short moment, it had already eaten almost half of it!


This was an orange-level Honorary Aristocrat. They could not afford to displease him. Otherwise, if he decided to beat them up, they would be counted lucky if they did not die from the beating!


No longer infatuated, Jiang Qianxue was once again calm. She picked up a book and, as she flipped through the pages, she asked Hong Dali, Since I already know what I need to do, then our relationship as experimental lovers



After he was done talking about the grape wine, Hong Dali started spouting nonsense again. He grabbed a bottle of wine at random. At first glance, the color was golden, and the name of the wine was called Fragrant Pomegranate Bloom wine. He immediately said, “To drink this Fragrant Pomegranate Bloom wine, we have to use a jade cup. As the saying goes, a jade bowl holds amber light. If we use a jade cup or a jade bowl, it will add color to the wine.”



“Yes, definitely.” Hong Dali disappeared with no news for a couple of days. When he returned, quite a few things seemed to have changed. He must be here to settle proper business. The uncle did not dare to reject him and quickly led the way. “Young Master, please follow me. It’s just around the corner.”


“Oh, average looking.” Hong Dali originally intended to tell Yin Tianzong that he was the person, but he decisively changed his mind now! He hurriedly took out something from his bag and said, “Oh right, Brother Tianzong, I got the Meridian Seven Star Sword for you.”


“Okay, I guess.” Hong Dali yawned. “You come here or I go there? If you are coming, I am in your room at Brent Revolving Restaurant. If I go… I think you better come, I’m terrible at directions.”

  • Gate snuck his head in front of Aces face, making his heart beat wildly in shock. Come look for me after you have confirmed the news. Im having fun here. He pointed at Hong Dali. This brat has bought me for one hundred and twenty thousand a month. I should stay here for at least a month.
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