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Rubbish! Tang Muxin took out a small knife and drew something mysteriously in the air. The tip of the knife stopped in one of the Goblins nostrils. We have something to put up for auction. Appraise it right away, and make the necessary arrangements!


Its like this. The abject looking middle-aged man led Hong Dali to a corner and whispered, I saw Young Master buy those few shops. I wanted to ask the Young master if you may be interested in shops selling other things


Thats great! Hong Dali opened his eyes wide. You finally understand what an infatuated fool you were? You dont even know the other partys looks, gender or anything and already you like him. You were a love-struck infatuated fool. Its an illness, it must be treated!


He exclaimed every time he appraised one piece of equipment. The Goblin was trembling with excitementthey got lucky this time! Such extravagant items. They should be able to get quite a bit of commission! If one piece of equipment was sold for five hundred thousand, they would get a few hundred or thousand. So many pieces of equipment


However, this Secrets of Magic Energy was a secret manual that Hong Dali obtained on level 23. Its purpose was to strengthen a person’s attributes and didn’t have any minimum requirements. It was just nicely suitable for Li Yang and the rest.


“Oh? Mister, you like drinking wine?” Hong Dali nodded in satisfaction and threw the brick away. He pulled Mister Gate’s arm, led him to a pile of rocks and sat down. Then, he waved his hand breezily. “Xiaoyi, bring wine. Bring a few different kinds. Today, I will discuss wines with this prodigal mister!”

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After saying that, Mister Gate held the jade bowl in his hands while Mister Eagle Eye waved his black sword around. With just a few strokes, a shiny jade bowl emerged.


“That’s true.” McGregor rubbed his temples and said forlornly, “I hope he gets the news soon.”


Mister Gate looked at the crowd, then looked at the armor and nodded. Just one thousand.


“I think you should try it out first.” Hong Dali said seriously like he was old and experienced. “You must not be impulsive in love. You should at least find out who he is, what he looks like, how old he is, what race he is, what his temperament is like—what if he is from a giant race? He might be more than ten meters tall, and you will look just like a little child standing next to him. If that is the case, it’s no use liking him, right?”


It was a beautiful move, and Tang Muxin and the rest applauded and cheered.


Acka was squatting on an alien core that gave ten attribute points to Strength and biting on it. In just this short moment, it had already eaten almost half of it!


“What day is it? Why are there so many spacecraft…” The unfeeling bastard did not link the spacecraft of the Galaxy Aristocrats to him at all. He got up, got dressed, and rubbed his eyes. “I’m hungry…” Then, he looked at Jiang Qianxue who was sitting at the edge of the bed. “Are you hungry?”



“Okay, I guess.” Hong Dali yawned. “You come here or I go there? If you are coming, I am in your room at Brent Revolving Restaurant. If I go… I think you better come, I’m terrible at directions.”



He was well aware of the ability of the White Beard Mister. Hong Dali aside, Ace was also an expert who passed level twenty-two. He was actually the White Beard Misters son as well.I better behave myself. I cannot afford to offend this family!


Since he was going to see Pops, Hong Dali was lazy to go upstairs. He pointed with his finger. Xiaoyi, just do the paperwork. Ill see the shop when I have time later on.


Okay. Tianxing nodded and said, Ill go train for a while. Update me if anything happens.

  • In a sweet voice, Tang Muxin praised him. “Well said, Dali. Grandpa White Beard chose a good piece of jade. Uncle Black Sword has superb skills!”
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