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There was a reason why Jiang Qianxue was so magnanimouswhy did Tianyi approach them? It was because he found them attractive. Women were generally unreasonable. It was a conflict caused by their beauty, they naturally did not mind


“What should I do…”Jiang Qianxue muttered as she laid on the bed staring at the ceiling. “What should I do… next? I want to look for him, but where should I go to look? I do not even have anyone to confide my thoughts to…”


“Haha, no problem, understood!” The construction workers all smiled and replied, “Ever since I starting believing in Dali Cult, I feel energetic all over!”


Li Yang had a full set of +13 and +14 top-grade gems on him. Most importantly, Hong Dali was not far from here and his halo was in range. The halo was effective on the attribute gems as well!


Nianwei ah, Li Nianweis father placed his hand on hers, reminding her. our family background is ordinary and cannot be compared to others. It is all thanks to Young Master Dali that you are here. You must be grateful to him. Even animals know how to protect their masters. We cant be worse than animals, right? You must help Young Master when youre out with him. Dont let him be too tired. Do you understand?


“About 424.5%.” Lin Chuyin insipidly replied, “The power of the weapons will be improved by quite a bit. It’s a pity that there isn’t any target to experiment on.”

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Hmm Hong Dali rubbed his chin and thought about it. These are the only two skills that are usable. It costs 100 points for each, and I only have enough for one now. Based on this I have no use for Granzon at the moment. Double attribute gems, on the other hand, seem to be quite good. I should get a full set of combined gems for the lackeys. Let me calculate. One million for one double attribute gem, twenty gems per person will cost twenty million. Right now, if we count the lackeys as well as my friends, thats a total of Damn, twenty over people. Two hundred million for ten people, that will mean four hundred million for forty people! Thats going to kill me!


Pops. Ace shrugged his shoulders reluctantly. I have no choice, this is important.


At this moment, the crowd was shocked. They whispered among themselves as they bowed. No wonder they are so pretty. They are Galaxy Aristocrats! Oh my God! Galaxy Aristocrats are different, indeed. Look at them. They look so noble even without their cloaks. Incredible!


Ah, its okay. Hong Dali chuckled. Everything included, about 920,000. I rounded it up to one million.


“I… I am here to talk to you…” Jiang Qianxue looked around and saw no one. She then gathered her courage and said, “Because I… there’s someone I like… I want… I want to ask for your advice.”


There was already a gold-level Double Honorary Aristocrat and an orange-level Honorary Aristocrat. The atmosphere was already tense. But when this young man came over, there was no tension. He looked like he was just approaching some friends to say hithe key was that no one knew who he was


Hong Dali broke out in cold sweat. Luckily, he did not say that any portion of a Galaxy Aristocrat was needed to contain the wine. Otherwise, he would have immediately become a wanted man in the Milky Way.



On the peak of a tall mountain. The radius on this mountain was a few hundred kilometers. It was like a huge sword piercing into the sky. The clouds floated around the middle of the mountain and occasionally, blue flames burned from the sound of the cracks in the mountain. The entire scene was very frightening and full of mystery.



“Brat, look at you. You must be doing quite well there!” The Bureau Chief looked at Hong Dali and was very satisfied with his current situation. He laughed. “Hahahaha, you’re from Earth, indeed. Good luck follows you wherever you go, awesome!” The Bureau Chief did not usually speak like that, but it was different today…


Yes, yes, yes. I understand our Qianxues feelings. Jiang Dongliu patted Jiang Qianxues shoulder. Lets see, is it like this? You have always liked powerful people with strong abilities since young, heroes like Grandpa, right?


I dont think it matters. The young man pouted. We are not in need of this bit of money. All right, lets set off quickly. Pops is missing again. I heard that he was last seen here in Shenluo Main City. Lets find him first.

  • “I’ll go over right now!” Bureau Chief made his way out but suddenly stopped. “Who did Dali come back with?”
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